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This wiki is about Tyincorporated. His hobbies, favorite games, books, and of course, his web series Puffleville, and other specials like Slender Time (special), Origami Star Wars (special), Ninja Bros (special), and Angry Birds Takeover (special)! There's even a movie: Puffleville: The Movie! Released in 2013...

Tyincorporated Staff (screen names and real names)Edit

  • 12345Angrybir
  • smpuf (Sam)
  • crazyleemer1
  • RainCloudVideos

How We Feel About PufflesEdit

Puffles and Angry Birds are awesome! They are the 2 most awesome things in the world. We have more than 70 puffles, and more than 30 angry bids!!!!!!!!! If you have any puffles or angry birds you don't want anymore, donate them to Puffleville, and if you do, your name will be anounced IN A PUFFLEVILLE VIDEO!!!!! Promise.

Bye! tyincorporated 04:23, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

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