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The White Bird (aka Egg Bird, Egg Dropping Bird, Chicken, Chicken Bird, Hen, or Gernade Bird) is the 5th bird to be intrudusted to Angry Birds. The White Birds power is to drop an egg bomb. There are 2 white birds in Angry Birds and Toons. There used to be 3, but one went up for adoption at Barnes and Noble.. There is not a super version of this bird. If there was, maybe it could drop 2 eggs or something. Maybe the egg will hatch and you can tap on the right of the screen to make it go right, the the left of the screen to make it go left, and tap it to make an explosion! Sort of like the grenade eggs from Banjo-Tooie for the nintendo64. She got a new look having eye lashes, pink cheeks, more of a smile, smaller eyebrows, hair with pink on it, and a tail with 2 feathers and pink on it. The updated look has not appeared in ANY of the games too. Its new look looks a LOT like Stella the Pink Bird.


Matilda is more Female-ish than Male-ish.


Gallery of New LookEdit

Angry Birds "Trick or Tweet"

Angry Birds "Trick or Tweet"

also in this vid matilda sounds like a woman.

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new look on left