The Fate Family

How Many

used to be 4, then 3, now 2 rats. :(


Fate, Poppy, (used to have Skittles and Sco)


Fate: tries to keep cool. FAT. greedy POPPY: nicER than Fate, still KINDA greedy

Coolz Facts

Fate HATES baths! Poppy is couragous. Fate likes to go under the couch and eat all the crumbs down there. Poppy usually stays in the cage, eating Fates Secret Stash. Fate has a Secret Stash of food pellets burried in the bottom of his cage. He guards it.

This is Fate's Family. Fates Sister, Poppy, was in 3 vids. Fate was in 8. Here is a list of all the rats that are and have been in the fate family:

Fate (died)

Sco (died)

Skittles (died)




Some of them died... It was sad. Fate was the biggest thing ever, and fatter than space. 8D

There is a fake fate. He is a plush. He sometimes helps acsidentaly Psychodude do his evil schemes... But besides that, he's super good!

DID U KNOW? That Poppy thinks that Cookie and Templeton are food!?! THATS why we keep them in different cages... She drags them away, and we always have to pull them apart. Besides that, Poppy is really nice. She doesnt bite people.